Welcome to the Health Department’s Infection Control page.

The Health Department offers assistance to those interested in improving infection control in health care and community settings:

  • Phone assistance with communicable disease and reporting questions.
  • Assistance with outbreak investigation and control issues; call (253)798-6410 and press 0
  • Public Health Consultants visit to provide updated public health information.

All hospitals and long Term Care Facilities should complete the Inter-Facility Infection Prevention and Safety Form when transferring a patient.

Toolkits for Assisted Living and Long Term Care


Norovirus, Vomiting, Diarrhea Outbreak

It is important to know your facility’s normal rates of illnesses that include vomiting and/or diarrhea so you can determine when an outbreak may be occurring. Use the following toolkit when an outbreak is suspected.

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Influenza Outbreak Guidelines

Long-Term Care

During the time period October 1 through April 30, staff must be diligent in observing symptoms of influenza like illness and promptly report findings to infection control.

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Influenza Outbreak Guidelines

Assisted Living

When people live together in groups, illnesses can be spread among residents.  As a congregate living facility, management is responsible for providing a safe living environment, and can help to prevent flu outbreaks.

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