Updated April 9, 2018

Pierce County

Since Oct. 1, we received notification of 527 influenza-related hospitalizations. The median age of hospitalized patients is 67 years and ages ranged from 2 weeks to 100 years. We received notification of 27 influenza-related deaths. The median age of people who died is 81 years and ages ranged from 44 to 102 years.

Emergency department (ED) and urgent care visits for influenza-like illnesses (ILI) continued to decrease during the week ending March 31.

We received notification of 32 influenza outbreaks in long-term care facilities.

For the week ending March 31, we received notification of 304 positive influenza tests (26% of total tests). Sixty-four percent were positive for influenza B.

These data are preliminary and subject to change.

For information on influenza activity in the rest of Washington and the United States see: